Rejoice! The search for the "perfect cup of coffee" has come to an end!


*Specially formulated union of Guarana, Wheatgrass and the high quality Arabica coffee bean, allows you to receive optimum health benefits


*Guarana - an herb native to regions of the Amazon. Primarily used to boost energy, improve memory and altertness, promote weight loss and lift one's overall mood


*Wheatgrass- one of Nature's "superfoods"; flooding the body with valuable nutrientws and vitamins


*Sweetened Naturally- Oligosaccharides are simple sugars found naturally occurring in many plants. They are mildly sweet in flavor and low on the glycemic index - which means no "spikes" in blood sugar!


Make the choice to revitalize your body and please you palate! 

Treat yourself to the best!


Superior in Quality. Supreme in Taste.

A Touch of Love Coffee

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